Educational Sponsorship for Disadvantaged Students Project


Educational Sponsorship for Disadvantaged Students Project

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About this project

Esperanza Foundation puts a strong emphasis on primary, secondary, and tertiary/university school education. Currently, Esperanza Foundation supports disadvantaged children in the remote areas of Nebbi district which is located in the rural northwestern part of Uganda; in the field of education by providing them with scholastic materials and school fees.
This project aims at enabling brilliant but disadvantaged young students to complete primary, secondary school, and tertiary/university education.

Use of Proceeds

The funds will be used for the provision of scholastic materials and payment of school fees or tuition to students from primary, secondary, and universities or tertiary institutions. The selected students will receive scholastic materials such as school uniforms, notebooks, pens, pencils, school bags, suitcases, shoes, bedsheets, and blankets and a larger percentage of the funds will go to student’s school fees or tuition. However, the level of provision depends on each student’s needs, and assessment is done by the selection committee.

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