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“While I breathe, I hope”

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Esperanza Foundation started operating in 2018. Since then, we have embarked on a number of initiatives and projects that are focused on transforming lives of
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o empower communities so that they improve their quality of life through awareness raising, education and jointly carrying out social and economic projects with them.


An empowered and productive community living a dignified life, enjoying their full rights, and, are mindful of future generations in whatever they do in their lives.

Who We Are

Esperanza Foundation is a Not for Profit Organisation with its headquarters in Nakasero- Kampala Uganda, East Africa. The organization is governed
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We started servicing the community in May 2018

Our services have impacted lives of very many people in Nebbi District and the newly created Pakwach district which was carved from Nebbi district. The districts are situated in West Nile sub region in northwestern Uganda, which is the second poorest sub region, after Karamoja sub region in the country. The people of the two districts depend on small scale farming particularly of crops, rearing of small animals, and fishing for their livelihoods. Much of what is produced is consumed at the household level and less than 40% is marketed. The main crops grown are cotton, coffee, simsim, sorghum, millet, sweet potatoes, beans, cassava, maize and vegetables; while the animals are goats, sheep, cattle and indigenous poultry.

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Upcoming Activities

  1. The planned educational sponsorship project worth $30,000 for educating children in four primary and secondary schools. The sponsorship will involve paying of school fees, and, provision of scholastic materials such uniforms, sanitary pads, books, pens to students from poor families.
  2. Installing and promoting use of hand washing facilities (sanitary taps) in rural schools estimated to cost $5000. This is against the background that 70% of diseases can be prevented through proper hand washing practice. And sicknesses is one of the leading causes of absenteeism in schools and it indirectly leads to poor performance of students. We plan to engage students as agents of change whereby they will influence the adoption of the habit of proper handwashing in their respective homes and hence the wider population will equally adopt it.

Check out our important cause. Please help us reach the goal.

St Daniel Comboni College Omyer

This is a Catholic Church founded private secondary school located in Nebbi district. The school was established in 2004 by Nebbi Read More

Devine Mercy Primary School

This is a private primary school in Nebbi District located along Nebbi,Arua high-way. The school was opened in 2014. It is a Catholic founded
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Panyango Secondary School

This is a government aided church founded secondary school started by the Catholic Church in the early 1990s. The school is located in the rural
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Pakwach Girls Primary School

The school is a government aided primary school located in Pakwach town It has a boarding section with a capacity of 60 beds but the boarding
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Volunteers from around the world are called upon to join Esperanza Foundation in cause of helping the most vulnerable people in the societies of Nebbi -Uganda.

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