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What We do

Esperanza foundation operates as a point of reference for anyone one seeking for help. We believe that all human life is of value and therefore all people deserve to be treated with the utmost dignity irrespective of the mental or physical wellbeing. Esperanza foundation aims at providing a wide range of community services and activities purposely aimed at promoting awareness of community members’ rights so as to create a sense of responsibility within the community thus reducing any forms of stigma caused by a wide range of factors within the community. The community activities provided include:

  • Supporting district local governments to establish an awareness plan for the most vulnerable men and women (NOT MEN & WOMEN EVEN KIDS) members of the community.
  • The project enables the young, youths and the elderly meet with the stakeholders through dialogues.
  • Through electronic and print media Esperanza Foundation reaches a vast number of the vulnerable population and gives civic education about the services they deserve from government.
  • Esperanza foundation reaches the vulnerable population by hosting radio talk shows.
  • Esperanza Foundation through consultative meetings with district stake holders helps the vulnerable to have a voice in departmental budget allocations in support to the vulnerable groups.
  • Esperanza foundation supports the vulnerable to participate in planning and benefit from the decision making processes.
  • Esperanza Foundation will holds meetings with district departmental heads of staff to draw a vulnerable awareness plan

Our Objectives

  • To create social stability and awareness on reproductive issues, HIV / AIDS and other related adolescence issues.
  • To Create an avenue for advocacy for human rights, peaceful resolution of conflicts and sustain socio- economic development among the marginalized Communities.
  • To advocate for a society whereby children and youth with disabilities have equal rights and opportunities for growth and development.
  • To improve access to education and psycho-social well being of marginalized children and youth.
  • To increase household income through self help projects aimed at eradicating household poverty among the victims of armed conflict and marginalized communities.
  • To advocate for the unconditional release of the children and youth by the Lord’s Resistance Army
  • To develop healthy working relationship between community members, government and voluntary organizations.
  • To provide potable water by installing hand-pumps and construction of pit-latrines and hand washing kits in schools and communities
  • To increase awareness on hygiene and sanitation campaigns

Our Programme Areas


This is a cross-cutting activity in all the programmes of Esperanza. It is an integrated activity. Esperanza is supporting 20 orphans and vulnerable children by
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Provision of health services is done through free medical camps and outreaches to the poorly affected communities who lack and aren’t in position of obtaining medication
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Gender Equality

We train community and local leaders in gender equity since gender equity results into improved health, nutrition and educational outcomes. This is done
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We encourage and train poor and rural communities to invest in smallholder agriculture which can be an opportunity for communities to work and/or trade their
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Water and Sanitation

Esperanza supports upgrades in school facilities have not kept pace with growth. In the rural areas, this is reflected not only in understaffed,
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